Want to learn how to play the piano?


Here are the most useful tricks

The recent research shows that to be able to learn new things very quickly and to succeed to improve your skills in a field like music, you first need a good nights sleep. No endless workouts help you to achieve perfection, but rather the quality of sleep.

The brain manages to reinforce the new knowledge while we sleep well during the night. The researchers analyzed some brain waves provided by 15 volunteers who had learned in advance a few sequences, similar to fragments of songs performed on the piano. For three nights, all were asleep at a normal time, so the subjects were showing improvements in performance after sleep.

In the fourth day they were asked to learn piano sheets for left hand, if they were right-handed and vice versa. After that, they were allowed to sleep only three hours during the night. When they woke up, they were tested and the results proved that performance was obviously not too good, given that they didn't reached a deep sleep.

"We tried to figure out what parts of the brain deals with certain processes during sleep, independent of what happens in waking. We're trying to figure out the specific role of sleep," said Dr. Masako Tamaki, from Brown University.

According to the study, published in the "Neuroscience" journal, improved speed and accuracy were associated with changes in the central area of the frontal lobe. These specific changes of the waves were occurring in a phase of sleep called NREM or "slow wave sleep", known as the deep sleep.

So, showing respect to the hours of sleep and take care of a good environment, free of factors that disturb you during the rest, are the two measures that will help you to learn more easily and without much effort your skills.